Medical equipment testing is critical to ensuring the safety and efficiency of medical devices. Backup Medical offer medical equipment testing services to help ensure that your devices are safe and function properly.

Reliable Medical Equipment Testing

At Backup Medical, we can test for a variety of potential hazards, including electrical safety, mechanical safety, and software safety. We also offer performance testing to ensure that your medical devices meet all required standards.

Our medical equipment testing services include:

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Safety testing
  • Efficiency testing
  • Regulatory compliance testing

Medical equipment must be thoroughly tested before it can be used on patients. This is to ensure that the equipment is safe and effective.

Safety testing of medical equipment is essential to protect both patients and medical staff. Equipment that is not properly tested could cause serious injuries or even death.

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Medical Equipment Testing - Book an Engineer

Thorough testing of medical equipment is essential to ensure patient safety. Our engineers are highly experienced in carrying out thorough checks and full tests of all types of medical equipment.

A thorough check will allow our engineers to identify any potential safety hazards that could put your staff or patients at risk. Additionally, an engineer will test your medical equipment under a variety of conditions to ensure it works properly in all situations.

By following these essential checks, you can be assured that your medical equipment is safe for use. Testing medical equipment is an important responsibility, and it’s one that should be taken seriously, and performed by the best in the business.

To book an engineer for your medical equipment testing, fill out the form with all contact details, along with a short description of the appliance you’d like tested. Alternatively, contact us by phone, or email us using the details listed below.

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Backup Medical’s team of highly trained medical engineers are there when you need them, helping to keep your healthcare establishment in full working order.

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Looking to have your medical equipment tested by a professional? Our team have experience in testing all types of medical equipment, big or small.

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We repair a range of medial upholstery, including medical sofas, chairs, trollies, and waiting room seating. We only use the highest quality medical-grade fabrics.

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Our specialised furniture ensures both you and your client’s experience will vastly improve over time and will integrate seamlessly into your daily workflow.

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Thorough Medical Equipment Testing

Hospitals and other healthcare establishments should test their medical equipment on a regular basis to ensure patient safety. Equipment such as X-ray machines and medical lasers can pose serious risks if not properly maintained.

By having your medical equipment tested and checked by a professional, potential risks and problems can identify and fix any potential problems before they cause harm.

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